How WE CAN help you

Udynamix can end the risk of your customers’ account ever being hacked in the future.  By integrating our patented authentication technology into your website, we help you secure your users’ information. Customers today are increasingly wary of their data security. In addition, data breaches are incredibly expensive and can cost millions of dollars to your bottomline. We can help you avoid these losses!



Udynamix allows you to fully integrate our technology into your system.  With our smart integration, we help you implement the software on your end and provide Udynamix only the number of users or authentications processed on monthly basis.


Your business and Udynamix jointly store your users’ login credentials. With our genius integration Udynamix will handle only the authentication process using “pseudo names” for customers and a dichotomy of servers, where the access to your customer accounts are still held on your server.

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