Ironclad User Authentication

Whether you’re a commercial business, a financial institution, a healthcare provider, an MSP, a government contractor, or an NGO, you don’t want to be liable for the next big data breach. Protect your customers’ data today with Udynamix.

User Authentication like Never Before!

Udynamix’s patented technology is unique from the current industry practice of static passwords in that we offer a higher security standard that is unparalleled across the cybersecurity industry.

Dynamic Authentication

Offer your customers iron-clad authentication with dynamic and unpredictable passcodes. Dubbed as “NSA proof” by a leading industry expert, it is almost unhackable!

Shared responsibility

As the access protocol is not system-defined and is entirely set by your customers, they share responsibility with you for safeguarding their account.

CUSTOMIZED Implementation

You can sign up for our Authentication Service (AaaS) and let us handle your authentication protocol or license our authentication engine and implement it on your server.

How We Work

Here are answers to some of your most common questions about Udynamix. Our authentication process is a 180-degree shift in paradigm from the current standards.

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Udynamix technology involves a password that is constantly changing based on a random publicly-available dataset. For example, a password can be based on the latest Tweet from a certain celebrity – so it is dynamic and unpredictable! For more information, check out this page.

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We offer our Authentication as a Service (AaaS) with customized integration options.

We offer two primary methods:

  1. You can license our authentication engine and implement it on your server.
  2. You can let Udynamix handle the authentication protocol through a dichotomy of servers to improve customer protection.
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This depends on your level of integration and customization. We can also speed up this process through easy APIs and other integration processes. We will customize the implementation to fit your needs.

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Absolutely! Our technology will save you a lot from data breach liability suits for a very minimal cost.