Why Udynamix

It is so simple, that it is complex!

THE CURRENT SYSTEM OF STATIC password authentication just doesn't work!

Costly problem

poor solutions


The prevailing user authentication system of usernames and passwords is archaic and fundamentally faulty. As a result usernames and passwords getting hacked regularly with millions of dollars in losses.

Patchwork fixes such as 2nd-factor verification, 1-time-passwords, device recognition, & complex rules are difficult for consumers. Finding a permanent solution is therefore critical & requires a new outlook.

Complex requirements has resulted in 73% of users having duplicate passwords for all their online accounts. This allows massive hacks to harm all customer accounts with the same login.

The Solution

Udynamix offers a first-of-its-kind, user-defined, almost unhackable, patented user authentication that is a 180-degree paradigm shift from the current user authentication processes.  With the Udynamix patented technology, users share responsibility in safeguarding their accounts, as the access protocol is not enterprise-defined, but entirely set by the users.

How Our Technology Works

Our technology allows online users to easily create their own intuitive rules for generating dynamic alphanumeric “passcodes” that regularly change based on a defined formula. 

1. Users choose two or more publicly available variables.

2. Users combine variables to create passcode.

3. Users enter their current passcode to login.

These variables may include:

  • The systems time or day of the week
  • The last closing value of any stock symbol
  • First word of any news feeds or Twitter handle

Users may combine variables by:

  • Addition/Subtraction
  • Multiplication/Division
  • Appending (placing one word in front of the other)

To log into their accounts, users then determine their current passcode. For example, if a user chose the sum of the current temperature and the date, they will use that sum as their passcode. This passcode is entirely unpredictable & dynamic (constantly changes).

How We're Different

How do we compare to the prevailing authentication processes today?
Well, we simply don’t compare to any current authentication process in the industry! 
The Udynamix authentication process is different:


Industry standard



Defined by Enterprise Policy

Defined by User


Static Password

Dynamic Passcode


Predictable, doesn’t change



Credentials stored in central server

Credentials is not stored in any server or local device/ browser


Authentication (password) communicated over the wire

Passcode generation is not communicated over the wire


Often requires one-time-passwords or second device for validation

None – Udynamix is entirely cloud-based. Accessible from anywhere, anytime, any device

Security Risk

Usernames/Passwords are frequently hacked

Credentials cannot be hacked as they are not stored in a central server